How to Connect with Angels

The workshop I presented on June 16, 2017 “How To Connect With Your Angels” was well received by all and inspired some of the participants to delve deeper into their connection with the Angels.


Mastering the Possibilities


Orange City residents learned how to nourish body, mind and spirit at the Festival of Possibilities April 16, 2016, an event that was co-created by Patricia Alton.

Here is a picture report from The Beacon newspaper.

Photo Credit to Kitty Allen

Certified Fairyologist


Greetings Everyone!

I am proud to announce that I have just become a certified Fairyologist by Doreen Virtue!

So just what “is” a Fairyologist? It is someone who cherishes Mother Nature, animals, and is a guardian of the environment… someone who lives life in joy and fun and delights in the magic of the fairies!

I am available for messages from both the Angel and Fairy Realms… please like me on FB Angel Pathways!

Love and Light!