The Child Innocence Equine Experiences Project recently held a fundraiser.

Business consultant Irina Mihaela had this to say:

According to Irina, the fundraising brought some great gifts. “Patricia Alton of Angel Pathways donated an Angel Guidance session that was very valuable to the Child Innocence Equine Experiences Project.

She channeled the Archangels with great messages of healing for youth, the animals and for me.

We met in 2013 at a mastermind in US and only kept in touch through Facebook. She didn’t know details about the project. Her channeled messages were great confirmations plus she saw that this project is divinely orchestrated and that it will be built to serve many.

If you need some reassurance, some clarity, a divine hug, connect with Patricia. She is outstanding.”

– Angel Therapy Practitioner® certified by Doreen Virtue PhD, in Boulder, Colorado
– Advanced Angel Practitioner
– Certified Spiritual Teacher
– Certified Fairyologist
– Affiliated with the International Society of Angels.

“I always love Angel Guidance as it boosts my confidence and resolve to persevere” said Irina.